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In our bakery, the oldest active bakery in Amsterdam, we pay homage to the craft of baking. We do this of course with icons from the world of fresh bread and pastries. From Stroopwafels to an authentic baguette and from sourdough bread to a crispy fresh... croissant! In this blog, we will tell you more about croissants: where they come from and how they are made according to traditional methods.

Croissants are inextricably linked to French cuisine and have become popular all over the world. This crescent-shaped pastry has a rich history and an authentic taste that has remained unchanged for centuries. However, for the origin of the croissant, we go to Austria. Since the 13th century, the kipferl was made there, a straight-shaped bun that is similar to a croissant. According to legend, Marie Antoinette brought the kipferl to France. There, the kipferl was transformed into what we now know as the croissant. The shape of the croissant was changed from a half moon to a crescent shape to distinguish it from the kipferl.

The key to making authentic croissants lies in the dough. The croissant is made from flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt, which are combined to create a smooth, elastic dough. The dough is then rolled out into a thin sheet and spread with butter, which is then folded and rolled several times to create the characteristic layers. The croissants are then shaped into crescents and baked until golden brown.

The authentic value of croissants lies in the use of high-quality ingredients and the precise technique required to create the recognizable taste. The airy texture and buttery flavor of an authentic croissant are unmatched. Croissants have become a symbol of French culture and are eaten all over the world. They are perfect for breakfast or as a snack and are also filled with sweet or savory ingredients such as chocolate in our bakery. Whether you like them plain or filled, the authentic taste of a freshly baked croissant is a true culinary treat. You can find them freshly baked every day in our bakery and our bakers serve them to you with a smile!

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