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The best waffles in the world 

Waffles are a popular pastry that is eaten in many different countries around the world. There are many different types of waffles, but the most famous are the Belgian waffle, the American waffle, the Liège waffle, and the Stroopwafel. Which one of them is considered the best? (Spoiler alert: the Stroopwafel is of course the best waffle out there).

The Belgian waffle
The Belgian waffle is one of the most famous types of waffles in the world. It is made with a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and baking powder. The Belgian waffle is light and has a crispy crust. It is often served with whipped cream, ice cream, and fresh fruit.

The American waffle
The American waffle is a thicker and fluffier version of the Belgian waffle. It is often served with syrup, butter, and jam.

The Liège waffle
The Liège waffle is a dark and dense waffle. It is made with a mixture of flour, sugar, yeast, butter, and milk. The Liège waffle is often served with chocolate sauce or honey.

The Stroopwafel
The Stroopwafel is a Dutch waffle that consists of two thin waffle plates with a layer of caramel syrup in between. The waffles are often eaten warm and pressed over a cup of coffee or tea. The syrup melts and becomes a soft, sweet filling. Stroopwafels are a world famous Dutch treat. The Stroopwafel is also becoming increasingly popular in other countries.

The Stroopwafel is arguably the best waffle, because it is unique in its flavor and texture. The combination of the light waffle plates with the sweet caramel syrup is perfect. Stroopwafels are also versatile and can be eaten in a variety of ways. That’s why thousands of people come to the bakery every week to enjoy the original dutch Stroopwafel. At Hans Egstorf we make Stroopwafels according to our authentic recipe from 1898. Have you tasted the original Stroopwafel already? Our bakers are sure that you would agree with the ranking in this blog. They can’t wait to welcome you to the oldest bakery in Amsterdam!

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